How To Compress Pictures On Android Without Using App

I don't know why you want to compress pictures on Android, but what I do know is, picture compression will help reduce storage consumption drastically. speed up site load time and reduces data consumption on Android.

compress pictures on android
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The qualities of camera embedded in modern Android phones are getting highly extensive, I’ve seen phones with over 20 mega pixels camera, the Infinix Zero 3 and Zero 4 falls in this category. I don’t know why you want to compress pictures on Android, but what I do know is, picture compression will help reduce storage consumption drastically.

This is a very rare feature you’d find in any Android phone, people prefer their pictures taken and left in HD, however, certain strange people like me thinks otherwise. We think having HD picture is cool, but at the expense of your phone storage. A picture size can be as large as over 3 megabytes (3MB), with this fraction, you can imagine how quick your HD pictures can fill up internal spaces of your device.

Why do I need to compress images on Android?

There are three major reasons I compress pictures on my phone, and they are..

Manage data

It allows me to manage data when uploading compressed pictures on Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages.

Improve page load time

Like you all know, blogs requires responsive, fast and user friendliness to ensure your visitors gets what they want fast. The page load time of your blog is very important, so with image compression, I can be sure of a blog that responses fast when called upon.


Internal storage capacity of some phones are extremely small, anything below 16GB is my definition of low. In fact, my phone right now is supported by an external storage (16GB SD card), all for the purpose of expanding space. If you know of something that will give you a little more space, why not do it? Image compression on Android can compress a picture of about 3MB as low as 200Kb, this is about 1/15 of its original size, giving you an extra space of 2.8MB, isn’t that great?

I’ll just stop there for now, those are my reasons. There are many more reasons to compress pictures but which ever purpose that must have brought you here, my soul intent is to help you achieve that purpose. So let’s just get started…

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How to Compress Pictures on Android Phones

NB: I’ll be using an Infinix Note 2 for this tutorial, settings may however, differ in other brands.

Step 1

Locate the picture you want to compress by navigating to your Gallery » Choose folder » Select and open picture.

compress pictures on android
Image shot on Infinix Note 2 LTE | How to minify photos on Android

Step 2

Click on the pencil icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen to edit picture.

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