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Good and healthy life matters a lot, health matter sometimes can be a very serious problem than other problems you’d encounter in your entire life time. Having noticed so many health problems encountered by people, I realized majority of them were as a result of ignorance and nonchalant attitude to certain simple tips. Playstore, iOS store and other mobile app houses a lot of apps but not all of them are useful health apps.

Health apps can help in solving or preventing certain health complications… We have got various applications to help us monitor our blood sugar level, cholesterol level, weight, kilometers we walk, blood pressure, and also the quality of sleep we had. All thanks to smartphones anyway, without these device, it almost impossible to study our health using these very useful health apps.

Top 5 Useful Health Apps For Android And iOS

Here are a list of 5 important health apps you should install today to get the best out of life.


1. Juice

These days we get carried away with certain life problems, work late at night, just like me…stay on the computer all day, read books for long periods, and forget that it’s important that we take some time out to relax and rejuvenate. Anyway, “Juice” is an app that allows users to keep tracks of how much rest they should have.

This app works in such a way that it prompts you to install additional reminders that it’s time to leave the computer or whatever it is you’re doing, it advice you to go to bed or just spend some quality time doing exercises. For further trainers’ tips from professionals, you can find useful help from the app’s menu.

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Download links:

Developer: Welltok, Inc.
Price: Free+
Developer: Mindbloom
Price: Free
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