Top 7 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Phone In Nigeria

Have you ever thought of buying a new phone but you have no idea what to consider? Then here are phone pre-purchase tips you need to know.

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Smartphones have taken over the world of phones and you definitely don’t want to be left out. If you look around, you’d see different variants of smartphones ranging from Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows and more.

We are not here to talk about the wide range of smartphones in the world but to show to you things to consider before buying a new phone.


Here are a list of things you should never ignore before buying a new phone or you regret buying that phone. Do not overlook these pointers below..

1. Your Pocket

You want to buy a new phone but don’t have enough cash in place for it, then there’s need to align you target to what you can afford at that moment.

Another way to buy your desired phone is to wait for some months after launch, phones doesn’t appreciate but depreciate. What this means is that, its price would likely drop from its initial launch price.

NB: In situations when dollar rate isn’t stable, prices of phones can change immensely. Be quick to get a device so that it won’t become a burden buying later.

Tips: You should look out for promo deals and wait for the right time to strike perfect deals on Jumia & Konga, they usually have breath-taking discounts on these online stores.

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