This post contains the cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans and migration codes for April 2017. | How to migrate to MTN XtraPro, How to migrate to MTN XtraSpecial, How to migrate to MTN BetaTalk, How to migrate to MTN TruTalk+, How to migrate to MTN iPulse, How to migrate to MTN Zone, How to migrate to MTN SUPERSAVER PLUS.

Are you looking for the cheapest MTN call tariff plans ever?

Have you ever asked yourself this question; “What prepaid MTN call tariff plan is actually suitable for me to call families and friends on the MTN network without spending too much?”

Well, after so much digging, I’ve compiled a list of the best and cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans with super call rates in 2017.

These plans are best for people who don’t want to spend too much on phone calls. It’s offers and benefits are one of the best if compared to my previous article on other network listed right below:

These are superb plans above there in case you are searching for affordable call plans on other networks too.

How do I know or check my current MTN call tariff plan active on my line?

Before you proceed to switch your call tariff plan on MTN, you might want to know or check the state of your current tariff plan.

Or you just want to know the plan active on your line, then you might want to see how to go about dong that in this post.

Anyway, my post today will list all best MTN call plans in Nigeria and their subscription codes alongside.

Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans in April 2017


1. MTN Xtra Pro

MTN XtraPro is new and one of the cheapest MTN tariff plan that will allow you to make a call at 11k/sec(6.60k/Min) on a flat rate to all network with a daily access fee of N5.

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But if in some cases MTN were not able to charge you N5 on your first call as a result of insufficient balance, then the call for that day will be charged at 20k/Sec(N12/Min) with an added benefit to getting health tips for 7 days.

How To Migrate To MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *401# and select 1 migrate OR text 401 to 131

2. MTN XtraSpecial

MTN XtraSpecial is also the new Tariff plan that charged its customers at 15k/Sec(N9/Min) on a flat rate basis to all networks in Nigeria with no daily access fee.

And a call to some selected international destination at the same rate above with added benefit of 7 days free subscription to EPL Video Service.

How To Migrate To MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *408# and select 1 migrate OR text 408 to 131

3. MTN BetaTalk

MTN BetaTalk is another cheap call tariff bundle that gives MTN prepaid subscribers that recharge NGN100 and above, 200% airtime bonus and 10MB of data weekly.

National calls when on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan is usually billed at NGN24/minute (40k/seconds) from the bonus.

Your main airtime balance will start counting once your bonus airtime is completely exhausted.

How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk

  • Simply dial *123*2*6# OR text BT to 131.

4. MTN TruTalk+

MTN Trutalk+ call tariff plan allows one to make calls at cheaper rates. Customers on this cheap tariff plan can make calls to any network for as low as 11k/second and calls to international numbers at 20k/second.

View the international numbers billed at this amount by dialling *123*21#.

Just like the MTN Xtra Pro call plan – a daily access fee of ₦5 is charged to your line once the first call for the day is made.

How To Migrate To MTN TruTalk+ Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *123*20# OR by text TP to 131


Just of recent, MTN re-launched the MTN iPulse plan (aka MTN Pulse prepaid tariff) which allows you to make calls to other MTN lines at a flat rate of 15k or 11k per secs after spending 40k/secs for the first 1 minute (60 secs) to any MTN line.

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The 15k is applicable for calls made outside a school campus while the 11k is for calls made on a school campus and that is after making your first 1-minute call for that day at the rate of 40k/sec.

It doesn’t end there, MTN is also extending iPulse “low call tariff” to calls made to other networks in Nigeria as well, the first one minute of phone call you make to non-MTN lines in Nigeria will be charged at the rate of 40k/secs and after that minute.

Your call rate to other networks will automatically become 11k/secs for calls made within the four walls of a school campus or 15k for calls made outside a school campus.

This is actually my choice tariff plan, I’m currently subscribed to this plan due to the vast options and features that MTN iPulse tariff plan offer.

With this plan, you also get to subscribe to MTN Night Data Plan, affordable data tariff and much more.

Here’s what you stand to get on the MTN Pulse tariff Plan:

  • Flat rate of 11kobo/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after spending NGN10 daily.
  • Music streaming on Music+ at N10/day
  • Happy Hour night browsing at N25/day
  • 100% data bonus on purchase of 500MB weekly bundle
  • Data bonus on recharge
  • Plus other life-enriching products and services from MTN

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *406# or text 406 to 131

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MTN Zone is a cost-effective plan that offers MTN Prepaid customers up to 99% discount on all MTN-to-MTN calls!

MTN Zone allows you to enjoy a very cheap rate for making calls and charges you just as low as 1Kobo per second when making MTN-to-MTN local calls depending on the area and time of the day and location.

You also get to enjoy this exciting services on MTN Zone:

  • Discounted MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1k/sec.
  • Happy Hour
  • Start of Call Notification
  • Access to all MTN Value Added Services
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This use to be my favourite before I switched to MTN iPulse plan mentioned above. I had to migrate out of Zone when I noticed “same and high call rates” in different locations.

However, this plan is still being used by lots of prepaid subscribers and should be on this list, no doubt!

How To Migrate TO MTN ZONE Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *135*1#


MTN SuperSaver Plus is a special tariff plan that allows you enjoy a FLAT rate of 15 kobo per second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after the first minute of MTN-to-MTN calls and MTN-to-Other networks call at 40 kobo per second respectively.

The MTN SuperSaver Plus tariff plan does not attract a daily or monthly subscription or access fee.

You also get to enjoy this exciting services on MTN SUPERSAVER

  • Super Roamer Free
  • Super Destination
  • Discounted News Service, valid for 7 days
  • End of Call notification to inform you of your call duration, total call cost and balance.
  • FREE Happy Hour calls to MTN numbers from 00.30am to 04:30 every day (including weekends) as long as you have minimum balance of N100 in your account at 00:30

How To Migrate To MTN SUPERSAVER PLUS Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *408*1# or text 408 to 131.

Note: Migration to any MTN call tariff plan is free for the first migration of every month after which you would be charged ₦100 for any other migration.

To wrap it up:

There are varieties of cheap MTN call tariff plans with their unique features, it’s now left for you to choose your preferred MTN call plan with the best call rate ever.

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If you think there are better plans that weren’t listed above, do let us know via the comment section below.

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