Top 6 Things We Learned About Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit To Lagos, Nigeria

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It was an educative and interactive session at Landmark Center in Lagos today, top developers and entrepreneurs gathered together with the 7th richest man in the world and Facebook’s CEO “Mark Zuckerberg”. It’s so pleasing to have him being questioned by a lot of highly curious developers and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

There are quite a few things I know about this amazing businessman and programmer, I know he owns Facebook, yes we all do. Also, we are already conversant with the fact that he wears gray vests, but there are 6 things we learned about Mark Zuckerberg on his visit to Lagos, Nigeria.

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1. Creating synergy with developers and entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Developers, entrepreneurs and other IT individuals flooded the event to listen to Mark’s reason for visiting. As part of his mission to create an atmosphere of IT realism in Nigeria, he sure did a great job influencing the young and talented entrepreneurs. We need this synergy between tech giants like Mark to move up the ladder of advancement in Information technology in Nigeria.

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