LEAGOO is a brand that has been after the mobile satisfaction of customers since 2009. The brand seeks to manufacture phones that are smart and affordable by the general public. They give you great valuable phones that have features that are amazing. LEAGOO phones are great for a variety of reasons. Click here to see all LEAGOO phones, features, reviews, specifications and more on NAIJAKNOWHOW.COM.NG.


LEAGOO X – the Next “X Fever” on the Way

Recent years have witnessed the “X Fever” widespread all across the world. Started by Apple releasing iPhone X last September, the “X Fever” continued to spread out and met its climax...
LEAGOO Power 5

7000mAh LEAGOO POWER 5: Genuine Battery Capacity & Benchmark of Big Battery Phones

The Power 5 is LEAGOO’s first big battery flagship phone featuring long battery life. There are, however, quite a few big battery phones released on the market nowadays. What makes LEAGOO...
leagoo t5c

LEAGOO T5c Unboxing: Intel 14nm “Mid-range Killer”

The recent global phone market has witnessed many new phones with different brands entering the booming but competitive marketplace. But most smartphones are extraordinarily similar in design, specs and user experience,...

LEAGOO KIICAA POWER Full Specifications and Price

The LEAGOO KIICAA Power is a budget-friendly smartphone for those not looking to pay much getting a smartphone. If you are in the mobile phone market searching for an affordable smartphone then...
LEAGOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Plus

LEAGOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Plus Camera Comparision

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwNS9ocjL8Q&t=1s Quad Camera, Dare To Be Rare Owing to quad cameras, LEAGOO S8 is your new master of both selfie and photography, satisfying your needs for impeccable images. Light Up Your Beauty OV® 8MP+2MP...

LEAGOO S9 Full Specifications, Features and Price

The LEAGOO S9 has every possibility of becoming the first truly bezel-less device with a screen sides ratio of 18:9. The desires of the Chinese company LEAGOO is to catch up with...
LEAGOO S8 vs iPhone 8

LEAGOO S8 vs iPhone 8: Hold Small and See Big!

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYGs2DD4cL0 Expand Your Vision LEAGOO S8 features an amazing full-vision screen with 1mm ultra-thin bezel. The 18:9 screen design and 85% screen-to-body ratio lengthens your vision range, bringing the most immersive experience...




Instagram adds green status dot to display pics to notify you...

Instagram has added a green dot, or call it a status indicator dot that notifies you when friends are online. Before now, you simply had...


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