Razer Phone 2 is the New Flagship of the Gaming Smartphones

Razer turns out not to be so creative in the naming of his gaming smartphones, to which a second copy has now been added. This successor to the Razer Phone is called the Razer Phone 2.

Razer Phone 2

After the new iPhones and the Google Pixels we now also get the Razer Phone 2 presented. This smartphone is fully focused on gaming and picks up the thread of its predecessor.

Razer seems to want to broaden his target audience since the corresponding slogan this time reads as follows: “Made for work. Refined for play. “What makes sense on the one hand, since a smartphone that can run heavy games is certainly capable of running other programs without problems.


As far as design is concerned, we do not get much news. Razer has used the same basis for the Razer Phone 2 as for his first smartphone. A not so surprising addition is the RGB lighting in the logo on the back. The logo also works as a notification lamp that can light up in different colours depending on the message. Furthermore, the screen is 5.7 inches with a resolution of 2560x1440p, a 16: 9 ratio and supports (only) a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition, the glass back makes wireless charging possible.

The inside

Inside we find a Snapdragon 845 SoC, with which almost all high-end smartphones are equipped. Furthermore, we see 8GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and a powerful battery of 4,000mAh so you’re not forced to play alongside the wall socket. However, the Razer Phone 2 still comes out of the box with Android 8.1, although Android 9.0 Pie is certainly in prospect.

Just like gaming laptops, gaming smartphones can also become physically hot in the heat of the battle. The cooling technology that Razer has also incorporated into his laptops, namely the Vapor Chamber Cooling, is now also included in this smartphone and should ensure that you can play a few hours without causing the device to overheat.

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A stumbling block with the first Razer Phone was the poor camera. A camera may not be essential for gaming, but a smartphone in this market segment should not be out of place here either. That’s why the Razer Phone 2 now has a double camera on the back with 12MP each with, among other things, optical image stabilization. The front camera is a copy with 8MP, with which live streaming in HD should not be a problem. To finish all this, Razer also provided the camera app with an update.

And the games?

A “small” problem for this gaming smartphone is that there are not that many games for Android at the moment and that they are mainly on iOS. In order to be able to sell the Razer Phone 2 for $980 (approx. N360,000), Razer has finally decided to collaborate with gaming companies to optimize games for the smartphone and to develop exclusive content for the Razer Phone 2.

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