MTN Pulse Tariff Plan & Migration Code

This post contains how to migrate to MTN Pulse call tariff plan. See subscription code & terms of usage in Nigeria.


MTN Pulse Tariff Plan and migration code | This post contain benefits of MTN iPulse call plan, how to migrate to MTN Pulse and their call rates when you recharge N100.

I am more than happy to tell you that MTN Pulse is back, this plan is simply awesome. It has everything you dream of in a tariff plan.

Just of recent, MTN re-launched the MTN iPulse plan (aka MTN Pulse prepaid tariff) which allows you to make calls to other MTN lines at a flat rate of 15k or 11k per secs after spending 40k/secs for the first 1 minute (60 secs) to any MTN line.

The 15k is applicable for calls made outside a school campus while the 11k is for calls made on a school campus and that is after making your first 1-minute call for that day at the rate of 40k/sec.

It doesn’t end there, MTN is also extending Pulse “low call tariff” to calls made to other networks in Nigeria as well, the first one minute of phone call you make to non-MTN lines in Nigeria will be charged at the rate of 40k/secs and after that minute.

Your phone call rate to other networks will automatically become 11k/secs for calls made within the four walls of a school campus or 15k for calls made outside a school campus.

This is actually my choice tariff plan almost similar to Airtel SmartTrybe because you don’t only get cheap call rates. You also stand to enjoy amazing features when you migrate to MTN Pulse. I’m currently subscribed to this plan due to the vast options and features that MTN Pulse tariff plan offer.

With this plan, you also get to subscribe to MTN Night Data Plan, affordable data tariff and much more.

Here’s what you stand to get on the MTN Pulse tariff Plan:

MTN Pulse Tariff Plan & Migration Code In Nigeria

MTN data plans Pulse

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *406# or text 406 to 131

How many minutes do I get with N100 on MTN Pulse?

Let’s do the calculations (Campus zone):

>> First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
>> N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
>> So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N6.6 + (60 secs) ≅ 11 minutes 52 seconds

For Non Campus zone:

>> First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
>> N0.15kobo X 60 seconds = N9.00k
>> So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N9 + (60 secs) ≅ 9 minutes 4 seconds

*This is the same call rates and duration you get when you recharge N100 on the Airtel SmartPremier call plan, I think you should click the link to check out that plan.

>> Have you seen: SmartVALUE plan, it gives you 15k/seconds (No first call access charge)?

If you’ve tried the MTN Pulse, kindly share with us your experience with the above plan.

Before you go, I believe you’d LOVE to check out;

MTN Pulse FAQs.

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