How To Make Money Online In Nigeria | 2017

This post contains legit ways to make money online in Nigeria easily..

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What is affiliate marketing?

This is a form of online business that allows you to earn money referring buyers to buy products sold by any e-commerce company you’re in affiliation with.

How online affiliate marketing works is; when you’re in partnership with any company (sell products/services online e.g konga, jumia, dealdey, Hostgator etc), the commission gets to you when a customer you refer via affiliate link ends up purchasing a product from the company in question.

For instance; a product worth 100k has an affiliate commission of 10%. It simply means you will get 10k for every person you refer to this product. Now imagine you referred 10 persons; that is simply 100k in your pocket.

That’s practically how affiliate marketing works. Click for more insight on how to make money via online affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

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  1. DEEP, DEEP, DEEP. This is really selfless of you to help others this way.

    Making money without investment is reall great for Nigerian. Thanks for this post again!

    Hope to read more!


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