How To Generate Blackberry IMEI With (GIP) Or Without PC (BBGen)

Detailed guide on how to generate all types of Blackberry IMEI for Android with our without PC(BB10 & BB7 IMEI)

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This require you to generate IMEI directly on your Android device, you don’t need to go through the stress of owning a PC before you can generate a unique blackberry IMEI for your Android phone.

How to Generate IMEI via BBGen on Android

Step 1

Download BBgen for android.

Step 2

Install and start generating BlackBerry IMEI.

Other Android Apps For Generating IMEI

These applications can also help you to generate BB IMEI on Android, they are alternative to BBGen which I’ve talked about right above. See apps and download links.

  • IMEI Generator

Generate unlimited amount of imei for your devices, especially for those with lost or corrupted imei. | Download Link

  • BB IMEI Generator

Similarly, this App generates real BB IMEI on Android for use with MTK enabled phones. | Download Link


How to Generate BB10 IMEI

Like I said earlier, I’ll share with you how to change IMEI on Android to use Airtel BB subscription on it. Follow guide below..

Step 1

Generate BB10 IMEI for your MTK IMEI with the Blackberry 10 IMEI below;  356760051192***  (Randomly add any three digits to it.)

Step 2

Visit to validate IMEI, and type input the above 12 digits IMEI Number, e.g 356760051192 (not compulsory, I skip this step myself)

Step 3

Add your preferred 3 digits to the already known 12 digits making 15 digits e.g 356760051192711, then click on Validate IMEI to validate the IMEI.

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Step 4

If the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid but if on a contrary, it will display IMEI number is not valid! (not compulsory, I skip this step myself)

Step 5

Flash IMEI using this universal methods of changing IMEI on MTK Android device, and enjoy blackberry plan on Android.

Generate blackberry IMEI | BB10 & BB7 IMEI Samples
BB10 & BB7 IMEI Samples | Change last three digits to any number of your choice.

In conclusion:

I want to believe the methods shared above are enough to help you generate any form of BB IMEI (BB10 or BB 7 IMEI) on your own. If after this, still, you are too lazy to use any of the methods or application above to generate IMEI, kindly request using the comment box or follow tip on the picture above!

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  1. Please help me I reset my technology g9 and is showing invalid imel.. I have tried the method you show here is still telling me ( AT command not sent) what do I do pls 09033078189


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