How To Change Infinix Hot IMEI With MTK Engineering Mode


Infinix Hot X507 is one of the latest Android device from Infinix mobile. Cheap in price with great spec, running on Android 4.4 Kitkat, Its actually a cool smartphone with 1GB Ram & 16GB internal memory. Nice battery life and you can easily get it online. Click here to buy.

Using Glo Bis on your new Infinix Hot x507 will save you data cost since Android device consume a lot of data. I’ll quickly show you how to change your New Infinix Hot IMEI to use Glo Bis in easy steps even without rooting.


  • Mtk Engineering mode (MTK)
  • Blackberry IMEI (request for imei using the comment box)

Remember imei changing is illegal. As-usual this post is only for your information and i may not be responsible for any of the misuses done by you and we are not responsible by anyways.




If you don’t like the video or need more instruction then continue with steps below.
First of all generate your 15 digit Blackberry IMEI

Step 1

Go to playstore and download Engineering mode (mtk)

Step 2

Open engineering mode > Click on  Engineer Mode (MTK) > Swipe left to Connectivity > Click on CDS Information > Radio Information
>> Click on phone 1. If you want to change your sim 1 or sim 2, follow this guide:

  • For Phone 1:
    “AT +EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you space AT +EGMR)
  • For Phone 2:

Step 3

Press the “Send At Command”.
You should receive a message that your ‘AT command sent’

Step 4

Restart your device or simply switch on & off the Airplane Mode to reboot your device without going through the hassle of waiting after rebooting. After this, your device imei will be successfully swap. Just dial *#06# on your dial pad to verify!

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