How To Change IMEI Of All MTK Android Devices

MTK Engineer Mode IMEI Guide | Change your IMEI on your phone without much ado, you can use any of Engineering Mode(MTK) app, Chamelephon App, Mobile Uncle Tool app or via USSD code. See know-how tips below.

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METHOD 2: How To Change IMEI Using Chamelephon App

This method requires root authentication before working, in essence, you must root your phone before you can use this method.

Change IMEI on Marshmallow 6.0 via Chamelephon

If you’ve been searching for how to change IMEI on Marshmallow, then this will work great for stubborn Marshmallow 6.0 Device. Works like magic!


  1. Rooted Android device. (If your device isn’t rooted click here)
  2. Chamelephon App (Download here)
  3. Valid BlackBerry IMEI Number or other IMEI (Don’t know how to generate a valid Blackberry IMEI number click here)


Step 1

Run and install the downloaded Chamelephon app on your device

Step 2

After installing, open the Chamelephon app, then click on Authorize root permission if asked for root access as seen below.

Step 3

The first box is for the IMEI of the sim 1 while the second box for Sim 2 but that’s if you are using a dual sim phone.

Step 4

Make sure you have prepared or generated the IMEI you wish to flash.

Note: Make sure you have generated two valid IMEI for both spaces (sim 1 & 2). This implies that, to change IMEI of sim one; you must change that of sim 2 as well, they work hand in hand.

Step 5

Now that the IMEI is ready, go ahead and insert IMEI in the spaces provided and click the “Apply New IMEI ” button below.

Step 6

Confirm the change, do this by rebooting your device (see Android rebooting tips above). Dial *#06# to view your new IMEI.

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  1. Pls can I change the imel of itel s32 to use glo bis or if there is any other way pls let me no here is my no 07053711667 pls add me on ur WhatsApp page

  2. Pls am using infinix note 4 android 7.0 and I can’t change the imei number with this method. I know of this b4. Any way pls? And add me to your group. 07065022595. Maybe it will be better there

      • I don’t know what you are thinking but it’s bcoz of a BB sub. I used to do it when I was using infinix hot 2. But Seems it’s difficult cos am using note 4 and it’s android 7.0

          • Well. I only wanted to change it cos a SIM have some MB left on it and it expires tomorrow. Am using their bonus offer which doesn’t require changing imei. I will just forget it then. Thanks

  3. Pls, how can I Repaire my phone imei number. I am using infinix hot 4 Lte. I have tried MTK engineering mode and I can’t find the CDs information on the connectivity tab. Please I need your assistance on this. U can chat me up on whatsapp via +2348036210806

  4. Invalid imei for ZTE blade l2 and at command is failed to send error using above methods. pls help…lost imei after flashing the phone

  5. Good afternoon. I have a problem with my device. Can’t call out nor receive calls but I can browse on it. It’s telling me “invalid imei”. What should I do?

  6. hi guys, i have a problem when i open mobileuncle tool it goes blank no menu. what should i do? the phone has an invalid imei problem.

  7. I am using hot 4 lite, when I lunch the MTK engineering mode Plus, when I click on radio information, it shows a message that “my device does not support MTK chipset ” what can be done to that because I want to change the imel to black Berry imel. My phone number is 08037408006. Just give me a suggestion on wat to do.

    • I guess the chipset isn’t MTK. Right now, I can’t proffer a solution until I lay my hands on that device. However, maybe you should try the other alternatives listed in the article (requires rooting).

  8. I reset my Techno Y2, and the 2 SIM cards were not making calls due to no IMEI. I tried the MTK Engineering App, after putting my IMEI which is under the battery, a message showed my code has been msent. I reboot my phone and type *#06# but nothing!
    Please what do I do now Sir?
    (Good job with your site by the way)

  9. Hello viklin.. Pls i need your help with changing my imei… I just subscribed to a 3,5gb on airtel bb complete but ain’t working.. Pls I’m using gionee f103

    • The first you could have done was confirm if your imei was changeable. Anyway, check the status of that device to know if it’s a MediaTek device. Secondly, what error were you getting when you tried to change your imei?

  10. Pls i cnt find cds or radio information on d mtk eng mode app in my fone, wen i tied to tweak my hot running android 7.0. It say cant send command with userbuild… Need help on dis

  11. Hello Admin you are doing a great job. I have not been able to change my infinix note 3 imei. I have mtk engr mode plus but it’s giving me error. Please I need you help. This my whatsapp number 09035003580. Thanks for your quick response

  12. Did all u advised using the MTK method
    It’s keeps saying AT command is sent: ERROR
    I use a Gionee Marathon 5
    07068380425 that’s my WhatsApp no kindly help out plz

  13. Did all u advised using the MTK method
    It’s keeps saying AT command is sent: ERROE
    I use a Gionee Marathon 5
    07068380425 that’s my WhatsApp no kindly help out plz

  14. When I try to use mtk engineering mode/ plus I discovered that it doesn’t have CDS Information » Radio Information please help

    • Sorry for the late response…It’s either your phone is a clone mtk device or recovery mode (twrp) isn’t available. Let me know the name of your device.

  15. Please help i pass all these procedures, after all ie applied the changes when I reboot it shows invalid imel again and again and I have rooted my note 3 x601 please any other way to change the imel please

  16. I have done everything, followed the step. I did for my Dad thinking it will work but didn’t. It was Okay, the H+ was showing, the imei was done succesfully, the data 3gig is showing. But its not working. Pls why? Thank u.

  17. Viklin pls I need your assistance am unable to change my techno w4 Imel. It says your phone not support mtk chipset when I click on radio information. Here is my digit: 07060408910

  18. I carefully followed all the steps and I was able check for my new IMEI number it displayed well. The problem now is the phone is not browsing under that sim.

    • Please use MTK Engineering Mode to change your IMEI on Infinix note 3. If that didn’t work, I advise you check if your recovery mode is still present. Try to boot to recovery mode (volume up+power button) to be sure it hasn’t vanished. That can sometimes be the problem. Do these things and get back to me as quick as possible.

      • Yes I have the IMEI number of that phone .. But, when I open the phone, It tells me that the IMEI number isn’t correct as the phone don’t recognize the IMEI number ! .. also when I restart the mobile to open the recovery mode OR factory mode, It tells me that (rf calibiration test fail , pls reset rf) .. and I don’t know what that means !! … Please if you have any information about this subject, tell me … Thank you very much.

  19. the social pack is just limited to few aps, but the Airtel BlackBerry sub enable all aps, I want to be able to access all my aps, I can’t do that using the social pack, and in other to use the BB sub I have to change my imei to BlackBerry’s but its still not working, what do u suggest?

  20. I have done everything needed, I even changed my imei many times, the damn thing just won’t work, although I already have a social park of 200mb on the sim, would it start working after I have esxusted, the the social park? please respond ASAP.

  21. Hi viklin, thanks for what you do, I was able to change my imei on my wiko slide 2, but I dnt know if the bb sub is work, cos I still have 400 MB left from my usual Android data. And I already subscribed to the bb complete for 1k. What do I do pls.

  22. Hello. I bought a 3.5gb data on my android wiko slide 2. I just came across this which I have done everything step by step to my phone 2 but when I send the command, it’s not going through.. what’s the next step

  23. mon x-peria V16 qui n’avais plus d’imei en a maintenant et le reseau est revenu apres avoir appliquer la méthode avec mobileuncle! alors je dit un grand MERCI !!! j’aimerais avoir d’autres astuces qui pourais ausi m’aider dans mon entreprise de depannage de telephone.

    • il est heureux de savoir comment utile vous avez trouvé cet article. merci pour arrêter par Guyzotier. Je suis assez sûr que vous trouverez des conseils utiles ici sur, il suffit de cocher une fois en tout. Je vous remercie

  24. Please can the bbgen code still generate the blackberry 10 imei code? Please boss I am waiting for your answer pls. Thanks

  25. Thanks for all of this. It worked for SIM1 but unfortunately I still have IMEI invalid for SIM2..
    what do you think?

  26. I’ve done it, infact I got the data but its still not working on my fone…. I did all d imei settings correctly and its valid… Plss help.. Tnks

  27. i cannot thank you enough. after 2 days of bricking my phone and later finding my imei invalid i was about to buy a mew phone. thanks alot for your guide.


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