How To Activate & Use ₦ Naira Symbol On Your Keyboard (Gboard)

Here is a way to add the naira symbol directly from your Android keyboard (Gboard) when typing.

₦ Naira symbol

The ₦ Naira symbol is now available on your popular android keyboard. ₦ is a symbol for Naira in Nigeria, before now, I’ve not been able to use this sign when writing articles containing prices of goods sold in Nigeria. It’s either I am using the ‘N’ alphabet or the full ‘Naira’ sign, e.g. N100 stands for one hundred Naira.

With Gboard, I can gladly tell you that “possibility is nothing”. The ₦ Naira symbol is available on the Google android keyboard (Gboard). I will show you how you can activate and use ₦ naira symbol on your android keyboard.

How Activate ₦ Naira symbol On Your Gboard

  1. Download and install Gboard on your android device.
  2. New users should activate Gboard as the default keyboard.
  3. Go to settings » select language and input » go to keyboard and input method » select Gboard.
  4. Go to languages » switch off “use system language” » navigate and switch on “English (Nigeria)” as the default language for the keyboard.₦ Naira symbol
  5. Wait a few minutes, then check your Gboard for the “” when you select the number button (?123 ).

I think am clear enough, you can now use the ₦ naira symbol place of the traditional ‘N’ or ‘#’ or ‘=N=’ anytime you wish, it’s a good thing Google keyboard now features the Naira sign in then. Thank you Google, Gboard is always my favourite!!!

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