Cheap Data Plans For Browsing On Android, iOS & PC Users (June 2016)

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It is evident that internet data plans in June are definitely going to be beautiful. In May 2016, MTN pioneered the adventure of change for mobile internet in Nigeria, this move made by MTN to bring down data prices spurred other networks to emulate the same feat.

Data tariffs (cost), the strength of the network signal, data size and validity of Internet bundles yet plays a major important role in helping us find the suitable internet network to use on our PC and mobile device.

In this article contains cheap data plans for browsing on your Android phones, iOS and PC for the month of June. These plans are best suited for iPhone, Android phones, MiFi and Modems for PC. Heavy downloaders will also find the best data plan to help them download large files from the internet.


You should find below a full list of the cheap data plans for browsing via Glo, Etisalat, Airtel And MTN ISP.

AIRTELAirtel data plans

Airtel plan has been rejuvenated, they usually have network troubles on their lines some months ago but right now, their network stability is much stronger. I just hope it remains stable! See plans…

1. Airtel BIS 3GB For N1,000 (1k)

Description: This plan have been up for a while now, it is an Airtel Blackberry plan, good for all Airtel lovers with very fast and reliable 3.75G broadband. Although, It requires IMEI changing and it doesn’t zap data like the BB sub of N1500 for 3gb. Click here for more details on how to use Airtel 3GB for 1k on Android.

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Dial *431#. It works on all devices.

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Best For: MTK Android and BlackBerry OS 7 phones.

2. Airtel 3GB For N1,500

Description: This is a BIS, and its good for Airtel lovers with a good network connection.

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Dial *440*16#. It works on all devices.

Best For: All devices (No complicated settings required)

Warning!!! It zaps data 2x faster. Means, you may likely experience twice as fast data reduction than the normal.

3. Airtel N100 for 1GB

Description: Airtel N100 for 1GB is a weekend plan and it can be activated twice every weekend. Some sim is not eligible, so you need to check if your’s is eligible first.

Duration: 7 days but works weekend only

Subscription Code: Dial *474*1# (Eligibility applies)

Best For: All devices (No complicated settings required)

4. Airtel Night Plan | Hourly Plans

Description: Airtel Night plan is a time based unlimited package at midnight; no speed throttling whatsoever, and it downloads large files with an amazing speed.

Duration: Between 11PM – 5AM (Midnight)

Subscription Codes: Click here for details

Best For: All devices and for heavy downloading (No complicated settings required)

5. Airtel 750MB For N500

Description: Airtel 750MB for N500 plan works well on all device. This plan was newly introduced last month (May) and it’s suitable for folks that want to stay online on their social media. Not so good for heavy downloading.

Duration: 14 days

Subscription Codes: Click here for details

Best For: All devices and I’ll recommend for chatting and browsing social media websites. (No complicated settings required)


1. Etisalat 1.5GB For N1000 & 3.5GB For N2000 Plus free Airtime

Description: Etisalat 1.5GB For N1000 & 3.5GB For N2000 Plus free Airtime

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Codes:

  • To get Etisalat N1000 for 1.5GB, Dial *229*2*7#…
  • But for 3.5GB data for N2000, Dial *229*2*8#.

Best For: All devices (No complicated settings required)

2. Etisalat 6.5GB For N3500

Description: This is new and would be recommended for those that downloads a lot on their mobile device. This plan is perfect for all device.

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Load N3500, then dial *229*2*9#

Best for: All device.

3. Etisalat Weekend Plan 1GB For N500

Description: This is a weekend plan from Etisalat which gives you only 1GB data.

Duration: Weekend

Subscription Codes: To get Etisalat 1GB for N500, Dial *5995*2#

Best For: All devices (No complicated settings required)

GLOGlo data plans

Warning!!! Glo network is really bad, a lot of complains have been read regarding this problem. Yet, no solution have not been provided to help restore their slow network. If Glo is still very good in your region, then check out the plans below.

1. Glo 10GB For N2500

Description: was newly introduced end of May, this happened to be a modification of their 5GB plan. Requires no additional settings and it works perfectly on all devices.

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Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Recharge N2500 then dial *777# and follow the prompt or dial *777*1*1*2*3# or *127*58# or SMS 58 to 127.

Best For: All devices

2. Glo 2GB For N1000

Description: Relatively fast, requires no additional settings and it works perfectly on all devices.

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Recharge N1000 then dial *777# and follow the prompt or dial *777*1*1*2*1# or *127*53# or SMS 53 to 127.

Best For: All devices

3. Glo BIS 3GB For N1,400

Description: Glo BIS 3GB For N1,400 is a blackberry subscription code but works fine on MTK Android device in as much as its IMEI has been tweaked. Click here to see how to tweak Android IMEI to use Glo 3GB

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Dial *777*21# or send “CoMonth” to 777.

Best For: Only Mediatek (MTK) Android device.

4. Glo 6GB For N2000

Glo newly modified this plan in May, and this data plan is suitable for everyone depending on what you can consume.

Duration: 30 days.

Subscription Code: After loading the required money, Dial *777# » data plans (1) » buy data plans (1) » Monthly Plans (2) » then choose desired plan (2) or dial *127*55# or SMS 55 to 127

Best For: This plan is well supported on all device, which means all iPhone, PC, Android and Windows users can conveniently browse the Internet without VPNs, Simple Servers/NetLoop, OpenVPN and Psiphon.

5. Glo Campus Booster Plan

Description: Glo campus data booster plan offers up to 8 times the value of your data subscription while you are on campus at no additional cost or charges. For example, a N200 data plan gives you N1600 worth of data on campus. FAQs

Duration: See Image below

Subscription Code: Dial *777# and follow the prompt.

Best For: All device (No complicated settings)Glo Data Plans (campus booster)

NB: You must have an active monthly data subscription to boost your plan.

You might want to see other Glo plans » 2GB For N1000, 6GB For N2000, 10GB For N2500,12GB For N3000, 18GB For N4000, 24GB For N5000, 48GB For N8000. Click here

MTNMTN data plans

Like I said earlier, MTN modified all their plans in May which paved way for others to follow their footsteps. Here are some cheap plans you would like…

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1. MTN Surprise Data Plan 3.75GB & 1.5GB

Description: MTN yesterday introduces a surprise data plan of 3.75GB and 1.5GB, this should be the biggest surprise from MTN in May 2016, this plan is perfect on all device but has sim eligibility attached. Check if your Sim is eligible before subscribing.

Duration: 30 Days

Subscription Code:

Best For: All devices (Check if sim is eligible)

2. MTN 10GB For N5000

Description: This plan is basically for the heavy downloaders among us, if you want a plan that suitable without any tweaking attached to it, then this plan works best.

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Load  N5000 dial *131*1*3*3#

Best For: All devices (No complicated settings required)

3. MTN 3.5GB For N2000

Description: MTN 3.5GB plan cost N2000 and it works on all devices.

Duration: 30 days

Subscription Code: Recharge N2000 on your line then Dial 131*1*3*2#

Best For: All device (no complicated settings required)

4. MTN 500MB For N25 | Night Plan

Description: MTN 500MB for N25 plan is real and has been the best thing that happened to us in May 2016. This plan is basically exclusive to pulse Users and it can be used during the nights.

Duration: 1 day (12AM – 4AM)

Subscription Code: Click here for details

Best For: All device, I recommend this for everyone on mobile intending to spend some time browsing through the night. This plan helps to ease pressure on your monthly subscription. (no complicated settings required)

5. MTN 1GB For N500 | iPulse Deal Zone

Description: MTN 1GB for N500 is another deal exclusive to iPulse users. This offer gives you 1GB of data and it’s valid for 7 days.

Duration: 7 days

Subscription Code: Click here for details

Best For: All device, this plan seems like a booster plan just in case you are running out of data. Not so economical if reoccurring weekly. (no complicated settings required)

Now that you’ve seen the best and cheap data plans for browsing on all network, you can share views using the comment box below if you have any question on the above data plans.

Welcome to the month of June, wishing you all a happy new month, Have fun!!!


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