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Android OS is a Linux-based platform for mobile phones. Android was released under the Apache v2 open source license. Android was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a coalition of hardware, software and telecommunications companies.

How To Increase Headset And Speaker Volume on Android Device

This is going to be a very short but technical tutorial on how to increase headset and speaker volume on Android device via MTK Engineering Mode or Mobile Uncle Tool. Am certain...

How to Root All Android Devices With Kingroot

No stories, straight to the point rooting tips for basically all MTK android phones. This article should emphasize on how to root all Android devices with Kingroot. King root is an easy...

Here Are The Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Device

Post contains the dangers and disadvantages of rooting your Android device, this is a must read. Android has many benefits which gives the phone a better, optimized appearance and flexibility during usage....

The (7) Top Android Features that the iPhone Doesn’t Have

Post contains a list of top 7 Android features that the iPhone doesn't have. See all the features you'll find in Android that you wouldn't get in iPhone. The world is in...

Advantages of Android Smart Devices

Are planning to use android phones in the near future. The rate at which android phones are been used is very high. Its good you know the pros and cons of...

How To Change Android IMEI Number Via Mobile Uncle Tool

This Post Contains How To Change Android IMEI Number Via Mobile Uncle Tool | How to fix/rewrite/correct/tweak/modify/alter/change TECNO, Infinix, Innjoo, Huawei, Gionee IMEI using Mobile Uncle Tool. Android phones were designed to be...

How to Root TECNO Android Phone Using Framaroot

For those asking how they can root TECNO D9, P5, R7 and other brands of TECNO Android Phone, this is the right article for you. It is very easy to root...




How To Install Google Play Store On Blackberry 10 Phones

This post contains tips on how to install Google play store on blackberry 10 devices | See how to install Google Playstore on BB10...
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