60 Blog Niche Samples In Nigeria To Help You Get Started With Blogging

Choose from the best and most relevant list of blog niche samples in Nigeria to help you get started with your blogging adventure...

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This post contains more than 60 Blog Niche samples In Nigeria you may choose from to kickstart your blogging career. See list of types of blog niches here »

Having listed blogging niche ideas to help you get started with your blog, here are a couple of blog niche samples in Nigeria you might want to lay your hands on even if you have no idea where and how to get started with choosing a super cool niche for yourself.

Making money directly from your blog is also very important so you should consider how to monetize your blog niche before ever proceeding to creating/starting your blog. In Nigeria, you can create blogs on…

C.S.A >> means CAN STAND ALONE ; these niches can stand alone or be used with a couple of other sub niches so as not to over crowd your area of focus. 

M.S.A >> means MUST STAND ALONE; these niches should be a niche on its own, don’t combine with other niches because of its complexity. They must stand alone and not be combined with other sub niches.


Tech Blog Niche In Nigeria (Technology)

If you will blog within the technology niche, then you can pick among the few more sub niches (C.S.A Niches) listed below to supplement whatever you intend to feed to your readers. Technology covers everything enlisted below.

1. Android tips

(C.S.A) i listed this as a stand-alone niche, you can provide useful android tips to, how to guides to your readers, they can as well come in handy. Yomiprof & Naijaknowhow are samples of such blog.

2. Phone reviews

(C.S.A) Before people buys new phones, they want to know what to expect, how their desired phone will behave, where it lags and what makes them standout. Since people want to know, helping them review these phones can be very interesting if you took it up as a hobby, blog on phone reviews can further be taken to Vlogging(Video Blogging); You can go as far as presenting them with phone unboxing, prices and specifications via youtube by creating a channel to supplement all the details you could have published in your your blog. Product pre-purchase reviews can help you readers know what to expect before they end up purchasing them.

3. Phone specifications/reviews

(C.S.A) Phone specifications and phone reviews can be done together, share on your blog different phone specification and review. This can help readers know how good and efficient their devices are before buying.

4. PC solutions

(M.S.A) You can render PC solutions guides to your reader, this is a very interesting and demanding niche, it’s also a great way to make money blogging. You should get engagements on such blogs because people constantly experience problems with their computers.

5. Mobile Hacks

(C.S.A) There a lot of young Nigerians that wants to get cheats, tricks and hacks. Why not capitalize these hungry youth needing mobile tricks,  your passion for this is very important so as to survive in this type of niche. Believe me, you will get a lot of queries in this niche.

6. Tech News/Gist

(C.S.A) Covers phone news, tech news and lots others stories gathered from the world of technology.

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