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Notebook 7

Samsung updates the Notebook 7 Spin

The original Notebook 7 spin was released back in 2016 by Samsung. A relatively inexpensive laptop that turned into a slightly unwieldy tablet. It garnered solid reviews for being equipped with...

How To Share Android Data With Computer And Other Device

To share Android data with computer is something that’s very easy to do yet many people really find this very difficult to accomplish. Are you an Android novice? Don’t worry Rome...

How To Use Glo Bis On Pc Via Modem

Nigeria telecommunication giant Glo have recently increased some of its data sizes even at the detriment of her Glo BIS CoMonth data cost. Although, there are quite a few modification In...

How To Browse With Simple Server On Windows 8.1 PC

Recently, I have had a couple of friends complain about not been able to browse on their laptops with the simple server application due to their laptops coming with windows 8.1 or...
Cheapest Laptops In Nigeria, Key Specs, Prices & Where To Buy

9 Cheapest Laptops In Nigeria, Specs, Prices & Where To Buy (2017)

Are you on a confined budget and looking for the cheapest laptops to buy in Nigeria? If you are reading this post it means you're on the hunt for a really affordable brand...

How to Fix a Missing Power Plan on Windows 7 PC

Sometimes we wake up to find an error message relating to a missing power plan.. ” Power Plan Information is not available” which makes it impossible to set how we want...

Remix OS | Here Are 6 Things You Should Know About Remix OS

I've seen music collaborations, videos refix, and other kinds of audio/video remix in the entertainment industry.. little did I know my beloved Android OS had been remix by some set of...

Get Free MTN 2Go 3GB Data On Android And Simple Server Settings

This is another trick to generate data for free without paying a dime on MTN, the 2go 3gb + 60mb data have been up for a while and i can assure...
Latest and Best Mini Laptops or Netbooks In Nigeria

Best Mini Laptops Specifications and Price In Nigeria (2017)

This article contains Best Mini Laptops Key Specs and Price in Nigeria | Check out all latest Mini Laptop Specs and where to buy. Are you searching for a laptop that's easy to...
Acer Swift 7

Acer Updated Swift 7, the thinnest laptop in the world.

Acer is set to launch the updated Swift 7 at the CES 2018. Build up to the CES 2018 has seen tech companies update older models of laptop with Acer set...



Install WhatsApp On Blackberry 10 Device With This Simple Trick

This post contains how to install WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 devices | Use this simple trick to install WhatsApp.APK file on your BlackBerry 10...
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