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Getting Started | How To Download Torrent Files On PC

Am going to share with you how downloading movies with torrent works. Movie lovers am sure you've already sat up right cause am about to show you very information stuff today. Did you...

How To Send Files From Android To iPhone Using Xender

Impossible is nothing, who said its not possible to send files from Android to iPhone? Our favourite and most trusted Xender app have made it possible, the latest update of Xender...

Glo Weekend Plan | Get 3gb For N500 On Glo

This season can only get better because the Christmas giveaways is everywhere, Glo is not slacking too, this Christmas, you can get amazing 3gb for N500 on Glo to be used during...

How To Share Android Data With Computer And Other Device

To share Android data with computer is something that’s very easy to do yet many people really find this very difficult to accomplish. Are you an Android novice? Don’t worry Rome...
List of Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 is the latest Operating system from Microsoft. Here's list of Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigating Windows 10 with a Touch Interface.Windows 10 offers a huge number of Windows...

Get Free MTN 2Go 3GB Data On Android And Simple Server Settings

This is another trick to generate data for free without paying a dime on MTN, the 2go 3gb + 60mb data have been up for a while and i can assure...

Solution Time | Here Are Possible Fixes To A Blank Laptop Screen

Imagine that awkward moment when you have an important presentation or design work you're about to carry-out, then you see a BLANK computer screen! Bad, isn't it? Okay, we've compiled a...

How To Use Glo Bis On Pc Via Modem

Nigeria telecommunication giant Glo have recently increased some of its data sizes even at the detriment of her Glo BIS CoMonth data cost. Although, there are quite a few modification In...

How To Add Subtitle To Video With No Subtitle On VLC Player.

This post contains how to add Subtitle To Video With No Subtitle On VLC Player.You may have to add subtitle to a movie in VLC player if need be it. There...

How To Take A Screenshot In Windows PC Using Snipping Tool

Here is a 2 minutes video tutorial on how to take a screenshot in Windows PC using snipping tool. Snipping tool will enable you take a screen grab of any part of...



Federal Government Reveals Plan to Launch Buhari Mobile App

A mobile phone application is set to be launched to help launder the image of President Muhammadu Buhari due to the perceived unreliability in...