How to send call me back on Etisalat

Have to ever been so out-of-credit that you totally forgot how to send Call Me Back on Etisalat?

It get even worse when you don’t have airtime to make flash call or a quick phone call.

If you’re faced with such airtime crises and don’t know what to do, then here’s a solution. You’ve just won yourself a life line by landing on this short article.

This can be the most annoying moment when you run out of airtime on your mobile device and you need to talk to someone urgently.

Search no more… Here’s the ultimate Etisalat Please Call Me Back code to solve your airtime palava.

In my post, I’ll show you how to send Call Me Back on Etisalat – Use the Etisalat Call Me Back Code to send your families and friends a “Please Call Me Back” message for them to quickly call you back.

How to send Call Me Back on Etisalat using USSD code – 2017

Here’s all the important Etisalat Call Me Back USSD code you need to know below;

1. To send » Please Call Me thank you on Etisalat;

  • Dial *266*1*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

2. To send » Please Call Me I Landed Safely on Etisalat;

  • Dial *266*2*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

3. To send » Please Call Me, I Am Now Available on Etisalat;

  • Dial *266*3*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

4. To send » Call Me Back, It’s An Emergency on Etisalat;

  • Dial *266*4*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

These are all the codes you need to know how to send Call Me Back on Etisalat network easily. Bear in mind that you can only send these codes not more than 5 times daily and it’s meant to be sent only to Etisalat numbers.

Now that you have seen Etisalat Please Call Me Back Codes, you might want to check out my full list of Please Call Me Back Codes for all networks in Nigeria,

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Simply select your choice Please Call Me Back code on your the various networks in Naija;

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