How To Cancel Auto-renewal On GLO Data Plan (Code)

This article contains how to stop or cancel Auto-renewal on GLO data plan. Slide down to get code used to disable GLO data auto-renewal directly on your phone.


Have you been looking for ways to cancel auto-renewal on Glo network?

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Automatic data renewal can be so annoying, especially when your airtime credit was deducted without any notification.

A lot of people sees this as fraud but GLO has explained how useful enabling automatic renewal can be.

The fact that you get double the size of your original GLO data plan is one of the benefits of enabling this feature.

That is;

When you buy the monthly plan that gives 1.6GB for N1,000. Upon auto-renewal, you should be given 3.2GB instead of 1.6GB.

That’s the benefits but I’m sure many of you still don’t find it friendly whatsoever.


When posed with such data auto-renewal situation, you don’t have to panic.

GLO has also provided you with a way to disable/stop your active GLO data auto-renewal using a simple SMS code on your mobile device.

So, let us get cancelling.

How To Stop / Cancel Auto-renewal On GLO Data Plan (Code)


To disable data automatic renewal on your phone, you should follow the steps below;

  • Navigate to message » Your and send ‘CANCEL’ to 127 » You will get a response showing that you’ve successful opted out of Glo data auto-renewal.

That’s basically how to disable or cancel auto-renewal on GLO using that simple method.

If you have any questions about this, you can drop a comment using the comment box below.

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