Ecobank Text Banking

Ecobank Text Banking gives customers the power to leverage on the use of their mobile device to carry out almost all banking transactions, and not waste useful time queuing in the bank.

Ecobank text Banking allows you to perform the following transactions.

On Ecobank Text Banking platform, you will be required to send SMS to the number mentioned below, as listed above, you can get your account statement, check your NUBAN account number, check account balance, and deactivate/activate a Web banking, POS or lost ATM card.

Alternatively, you can also carry out other Ecobank transactions using simple USSD code with or without internet access. Here are links to get know-how tips.

Now, here is a table showing Ecobank Text Banking short codes, SMS details and description.

Ecobank banking

Ecobank Text Banking Shortcodes

Service type

Shortcode / message content


Account balance Bal [account number] To request for account balance
Account statement Stmt [account number] To generate last 5 transactions on account
NUBAN number Nuban [account number] To get NUBAN account number
Stop ATM Stop ATM [account number] To stop all ATM (card) transactions
Start ATM Start ATM [account number] To start all ATM (card) transactions
Stop POS Stop POS [account number] To stop all POS transactions
Start POS Start POS [account number] To start all POS transactions
Stop Web Stop Web [account number] To stop all Web transactions
Start Web Start Web [account number] To start all Web transactions
Stop Card Stop Card [account number] To stop all channels: Card, POS and Web transactions
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Simply send short codes to 0806ECOBANK (08063262265) using your mobile phone.

Ecobank SMS Banking allows you to do great things without entering a bank. You can perform the following transactions fast and reliable.

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