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I was searching for how to check bank account number online without going to the bank. And after series of searches, I realised nobody has taken out time to write something quite helpful.

So in my post today, I will be sharing with you tips on how to know your bank account number without visiting the bank.

If you’ve forgotten your account number, or you need to send your NUBAN account number to someone fast…then, here are the fastest method to check bank account number in Nigeria.

This method works for the following banks listed below;

Access bank, Diamond bank, Ecobank, Enterprise bank, Fidelity bank, First bank, GTBank, Heritage Bank, Jaiz bank, Keystone bank, Stanbic IBTC bank, Skye Bank, Union bank, UBA, Unity bank, Wema bank, Zenith bank

There are a number of ways through which your new or existing bank account number will be communicated to you without having to visit any bank branch.

8 Ways to Check Bank Account Number In Nigeria in 2017

1. How To Check Bank Account Number via Social Media

This is listed on top of others because the world is going social. All banks have a social media account and an online customer care representative who attends to queries online.

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This method is my favourite anytime.

How can I connect with them?

Don’t worry, follow the link to see my comprehensive list of all bank’s social media accounts (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others).

Before you proceed, make sure you have the enlisted information ready.

  • Account holder’s full name (Full beneficiary name used in opening the account.)
  • Date of birth.
  • Mother’s maiden name.
  • Next of kin
  • Residential Address associated with the account.
  • Phone number registered on your account.
  • Bank account branch (where you opened that account)

These are some important bank account information that would be asked by your bank after contacting them. Make sure you remember these details to enable them help you.

An example is Zenith Bank;

To check your Zenith bank account number:

  • You will have to provide your full name, branch name and registered mobile number before you can get your account number.

Recommendation: you can connect with your bank on Twitter or Facebook (based on your preference). I strongly recommend Twitter though, their response time is unbelievable!

2. How To Check Bank Account Number via SMS

Some banks offers SMS shortcode for checking bank account number.. by sending a shortcode to a certain number, you will get a reply from them showing your bank account number.

Bank like Union offers SMS service.

To check account number for Union bank:

  • Kindly send “BAL to 20123” on your registered phone number and your account balance as well as your account number would be sent to you.

3. How To Check Bank Account Number Via ATM

I’m not going to ignore this.

Apart form withdrawing and transfering money, ATM machines can also be used to check account number of any bank in Nigeria. You should try this option if it works for you.

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4. How To Get Bank Account Number via Statement of Account

You can get your 10 digits account number from the monthly account statement normally mailed to your home address to sent to you via email. This documents contain your account number.

5. How To Check Bank Account Number Via Internet banking

Those who engage in internet banking can check bank account number online by simply logging into their online banking platform.

I already have a post containing a verified link of all bank’s website. Click to check it out.

6. How To Check Your Bank Account Number Through Instant Alerts

When opening your bank account, I want to believe you must have checked or tick the option to get alerts (either by SMS or Email), most banks doesn’t reveal bank accounts via this method.

In fact, what you see is something like what you have below.

This **** in between the account number is there for security reasons though.

However, if you use email notifications, there are chances that you might get your account number displayed when you get a credit, debit or account statement alerts.

7. How To Know Your Account Number Through Direct Mail

This one is for the first timers, if you’re just opening an account for the very beginning… your bank account number will most likely be sent to you via email.

For first time corporate customers: they can get there account numbers during the validation process (where they validate or confirm their bank accounts). The validation letter can also be picked up form your bank branch.

For existing customer: you can contact these banks through their customer care email service. Each of these banks have an email address you can reach them with. So, to get your acc no, see this list of all bank’s email addresses.

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8. How to Know Your Bank Account Number In Branch

Finally as last resort, the best way to check bank account number is to visit the nearest bank branch.

This is arguably the most reliable because you’re there in person.

Proceed to the customer care unit and ask to check your 10 digit account number for you. Simple as ABC!

In conclusion:

There are no special ways of checking your account number (maybe with a USSD code) easily except for the SMS method explained above. Although, the social media method also beat time if you’re good with social media.

Here’s my advice for you: If you’ve gotten your account number, all you have to do is, draft or save it in a secure location where you can easily access it anytime.

As for me, I normally write down important items (such as account numbers, phone numbers, usernames, passwords, important notes etc) on my Google Keep. This application allows you to save things using Google online cloud space, which means you can always get them back even when you misplaced your device.

I hope this article is helpful?

If you’ve used another easier method of checking your account number without visiting the bank which wasn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to drop how you did that, someone elsewhere might find it helpful.

You may also check out my post on how to check your account balance directly on your smartphone.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you soon! Cheers!

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