Airtel Unlimited Data Plans & Subscription Codes In 2017

Airtel Unlimited data plans coming soon in Nigeria! Slide down for details...


Airtel Unlimited Data Plans | This post contains everything you need to know about the Airtel unlimited data plans. Get subscription codes for seamless and unmetered browsing on Android, PC, Windows, Mifi, Modem etc.

Airtel has finally yielded on dishing out an unlimited data plan. If you’re an ardent follower of Airtel on social media, you’d notice a video advertisement about an upcoming unlimited data plans on Airtel!

There’s an update on the new Airtel unlimited data plans right below this article, scroll down to see…

Here is the video if you missed out;

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans In Nigeria, Coming Soon!

Well, this is something I cannot wait to start enjoying. They have starved us of unlimited downloading and browsing after they blocked their unlimited midnight plans in Nigeria. Not until networks like Ntel, Spectranet and the likes came on board to rescue us.

In this video, you can affirm that we are getting something new and different from their regular data plan in Nigeria (click here to see Airtel data plans).

While we patiently await this new Airtel plan (no more waiting, see plans below), let me know what you think about the Airtel unlimited data plans coming soon?

Is it going to be as cheap as Ntel unlimited data plans in Nigeria?

Will they unveil their 4G LTE Sim to help us enjoy a faster browsing experience?

Well, I want to hear from you because left to me, Airtel’s network speed is cr*p over here?

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans & Subscription Code

unlimited data plans

Latest Update: 17/7/17

Airtel has finally revealed what their unlimited plans would look like. In a tweet by @AirtelNigeria, they said their unlimited plans would come in three different bundles. They are;

Airtel Unlimited 10

This data plan would go for ₦10,000 and it looks like only 10 folks can connect to this plan concurrently.

Airtel Unlimited 15

This unlimited data plans go for ₦15,000 and only 15 people can connect to this plan concurrently.

Airtel Unlimited 20

Lastly, this one goes for ₦20,000 and allows 20 people to connect to the plan concurrently.

All unlimited data plans are valid for 30 days.

Here’s a tweet…

Well, looking at the prizes attached to these plans, we can agree that the new Airtel unlimited internet plan is surely a big competitor for Ntel unlimited data plans. Ntel data plans go for N12,500 naira for 30 days and Airtel sells at N10,000.

Perhaps, the question now is “What is the difference between Unlimited 10, Unlimted 15 and Unlimited 20. Will they unveil the weekend and daily unlimited data plans too?

Well, based on assumptions… I think those numbers determine the number of people who can connect at the same time. For instance, if you buy the Airtel Unlimited 10 Plan, It will only allow 10 people to concurrently connect to the plan. And as for the daily and weekend unlimited data plan, let stay glued for more updates.

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How to activate or subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Plans

To activate the Airtel unlimited bundles on your device, do this;

  • Dial *141# on your Airtel SIM > Type 1 to choose Buy Data Plans > Type 4 for Unlimited packs > then select 1, 2 or 3 for your preferred unlimited data pack.

Can this plan be used on mobile phones?

Absolutely, this plan will definitely work on any Airtel SIM and any Windows, Android or iOS device!

While I await more hidden stories on these new unlimited plans by Airtel to be leaked on this platform, If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me using the comment box below!

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