Season's greetings from

If you’re reading this post, say hurray!!! It means you made it into the new year. From the table of NKH, I want to thank you all; from the commenters, to the readers and NKH WhatsApp group members.

Naijaknowhow is nothing without you, yes you! You’ve been there for us, you’ve supported us through different means. A blog is meaningless without readers. It’s like a football match without spectators.

Happy new year

The future is here, 2016 is history. I wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous new year. If you haven’t got a resolution yet, make sure you set one. I know am no pastor but 2017 shall be a year of total upliftment.

My tech resolution for year 2017 is..

A smartphone that understands me, a smartphone that listens and sees through my heart. When am down, it automatically plays songs to lift my spirit. Upon touching it, it unlocks itself without entering patterns or passwords. A smartphone with high end features; minimum of 4GB RAM, 2Ghz processor, 20MP camera, VR and 64GB ROM. I will have to stop writing here before you tell me to wake up!

What are your tech resolutions for year 2017?

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